Have the Adventure of a Lifetime in Australia’s Kimberley Region

The Kimberley region of Western Australia offers visitors some of the most incredible and unique wilderness experiences around. The ancient region is sparsely populated and filled with wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, waterfalls, untouched beaches, and spectacular views. The best way for tourists to appreciate the vast diversity of experiences this region boasts is to book Kimberley bus tours with a local guide.

Wilderness Adventures

Embarking upon Kimberley adventure tours gives visitors to the region the chance to visit some of the area’s many national parks and see some wildlife and beautiful scenery first-hand in a less physically-demanding environment. Check out the world-renowned Purnululu National Park, visit the ancient cave systems at Tunnel Creek, or explore the waterways of Geike Gorge National Park. The diversity of landscape and experience in this region will be sure to delight any first-time visitor with a sense of adventure.

Four-Wheel Drive Tours

Some routes, most notably the famous Gibb River Road, are accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles. That doesn’t mean they’re out of reach of the average tourist, though. With a Gibb River road tour, visitors can get an authentic and rugged experience without the hassle of planning the entire route themselves, ensuring that they won’t miss a single important sight.

Experience Indigenous Culture

The Kimberley region, while sparsely populated, is home to a number of indigenous peoples. The unique culture of these groups, including ancient rock art, Dreamtime stories, and a long and storied history, is made accessible by local tour guides who know how to bridge the gap between tourists and locals seamlessly. It is, of course, important to respect indigenous culture and traditions, which can be best accomplished when a guide is present to facilitate interactions.

Mining History

In addition to an incredible and storied indigenous history, the Kimberley region also boasts over 120 years of thriving mining and pearling industry. With some companies still in operation today, there’s no excuse not to check out some fine pearl showrooms or even tour the world’s largest currently operational diamond mind. After all, Kimberley tours would not be complete without the opportunity to purchase some high-quality locally produced goods to bring home and brag about.

Book a Tour Today

Future visitors to the area may want to consider booking an all-inclusive Kimberley tour from Broome. On this tour, tourists will be able to experience everything from beautiful gorges, rivers, and chasms to overnight stays in luxurious wilderness lodges for one all-inclusive price. Learn more online or book a tour today.


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